Essay “I am a teacher”

The teacher should be able to present their dignity and achievements in the professional field. Essay allows you to achieve goals using an easy format that has almost no boundaries and frames. However, the free form sometimes causes great difficulties for people who are accustomed to be guided by norms and directives. They will come to the aid of a memo, containing useful tips on writing. It is compiled by our portal specialists.

Essay “I am a teacher”: recommendations

Divide the overall work into several steps. Do not grab at all at once. Systematization is the key to success.

You should start by formulating the problem in your head. Moreover, it should not have a definite answer.

Next, go to the selection of material. The source can be:

published works of colleagues;
Internet resources.

Write out everything that theoretically can come in handy, starting with the catch phrases and ending with statistics.

Review your notes before you begin working with a draft. It is possible that the outline will push on a different thought, change the opinion. Do not give up on this and on your new vision of the problem. One of the advantages of the essay is the opportunity to review and rethink the picture.

In order not to miss the idea, to be able to make corrections, divide the draft pages into 3 columns:

initial thought;
notes, notes.

Having finished work on the draft, try to abstract from the text. Read it out loud. It is important to be able to look at the material through the eyes of another person. Imagine that the essay does not belong to you. Make the latest changes, and then transfer the work to a clean copy.

Moments that need to be considered when working on the essay “I am a teacher”, “I am an educator”

An important role is played by performance. There are 2 categories of persons:

perform tasks at a time on a wave of enthusiasm and inspiration;
perform the task in stages.

If you belong to the first category of persons, then the success of the event depends on how much you can do in 1 day. As soon as the feeling of novelty passes, the performance will decrease. Try to do everything in one go. Take out the text, think it through in your head. Let you want to write. As soon as the desire becomes acute and irresistible, sit at the table and throw out inspiration.

The second group is doing a little every day. Moving forward according to plan gradually. To catch the deadline, make a schedule. Adhering to it, get a decent result.

What to do if you do not have time to write an essay “The teacher – my vocation”

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